Thursday, March 1, 2018

Back in 2018!

So it's been a while! Truth be told, things have not slowed down in the least since I last posted here. Sewercide took a bit of a hiatus 3 years ago, mainly to spend time focusing on some other things in life, getting settled into our first house and most importantly, buying more records. During this time, punk in the maritimes has not slowed down a bit either and because of that, we decided to jump start this old beast yet again here in 2018. With any luck, we should have a couple new things out in the coming months, so here's a bit about that! 

Booji Boys "Unknown Pleathers" ep

Having released an incredible full length at the start of 2017 and another one before the year was done, Halifax's Booji Boys have been busy writing some of the best distorted, melodic and memorable punk in recent years, all while playing in a slew of other great groups. Let's face it, when Iggy Pop is repeatedly praising your band, you're definitely doing something right. As per usual, we'll be doing a limited one time pressing of 300 copies so be sure not to sleep on this one.

Misanthropic Minds "Welcome To The Homeland, Greetings From The Wasteland" ep

After being 'in the works' for several years, Sewercide is excited to announce another new release for 2018. Misanthropic Minds is the new project from Cody Googoo (Booji Boys, Alienation, Fragment) and Dave Brown (Dyscontrol, Alienation, Deaf Mutations). Written and recorded in rural Nova Scotia, the debut ep is 5 tracks of ugly and distorted hardcore that is a continuation of Brown's Deaf Mutations project of the late 2000's. Limited to 300 copies, we're hoping that this will be available for the start of summer. Details and preview track to follow, looking forward to getting this one out there. 

That's all for now, good to be back!

The 2018 return playlist. 

Slaughter -strappado 
Chiller - S/T
Nosferatu - Sounds Of Hardcore 
Leatherface - Mush 
Tomb Mold - everything 
Personality Crisis - Creatures For A While 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Word On The Street - Street Spirit 7" OUT NOW

After many months in the works, the Word On The Street record is available to the masses! A few setbacks made sure this took a bit longer than expected, but with the end result now in house, we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. For those unaware, Word On The Street have been playing some devastating hardcore here in Halifax for the past few years in the style of bands like Straight Ahead, Brotherhood, Life's Blood and LARM. This new ep is no exception. In fact, this may just be their angriest and most intense release yet. 6 new songs of blaring fast hardcore and knuckle dragging breakdowns that only these goons know how to deliver. If you're not convinced, check out a track HERE.

Normally we like to keep things pretty basic with pressing details, but we got a bit scummy on this one. 440 records pressed, but 100 of those have been pressed on gold wax and come with the Word On The Street logo stamped on the dust sleeve as pictured above. This version is only available through mailorder from us, so get on over to the WEBSTORE and grab one before the other goobers beat you to it! As per usual, folks looking to get wholesale copies to distro get in touch.

We've got another update coming soon with some more news, but i'll reserve that for a night where I don't have a puppy attempting to piss on my floor and maul the W-Z section of my LPs. As always, thanks for the support.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa

So it's been a while now since the last update, but that's because I've been back in school seeking a higher level of education, working like a stone cold chump and making plans to move out to the country. All in all, it's been a busy couple of months. While things had to be put on the back burner for a bit we're back in full force and ready to get some things done again.

The WORD ON THE STREET - Street Spirit 7" has been mastered and will be off to the plant any day now. Just when you didn't think this band could get any faster and angrier, they hit us with 6 rapid fire blasts of PURE HARDCORE that keeps up with the Straight Ahead influence, but also at times brings to mind bands like Life's Blood and Brotherhood. I had the chance to catch them live a couple months ago in PEI when they played a rare live set (which doesn't happen much these days) and was blown away by how powerful this band continues to get each time I see them. The ep will have a limited version that will be only available for mailorder direct from the label, so be sure to check back in a couple weeks for when it drops!

DYSCONTROL have also recorded a new set of songs that will hopefully be released as a new 7" ep sometime in the near future. The first track from the ep can be heard on the bandcamp page ( Also, we'd like to say congrats to guitarist Lachie and his wife Jaime on the birth of their healthy and handsome baby boy!

That's all for now. New stuff has been showing up in the distro with more on order, so keep checking back...

Take care,

Sewercide Summer Start Playlist:

Word On The Street 7" masters
Flesh World 12"
Hawkwind - Hall Of The Mountain Grill lp
Lowest Form 12"
V/A - Darkscorch Canticles 2xlp
The Bats - Daddy's Highway lp
Warthog - Both 7"s

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Still alive and kickin'...

There hasn't been an update over here since the new year began, but I assure you we're plenty busy at the moment. A few projects in the works, but with finances always being an issue, everything is bound to come to light at a considerably slower rate than what we'd prefer. No sense in letting the cat out of the bag on anything until we know it's getting ready to go to press, but I assure you we'll have some good stuff to announce in the coming months.

The Word On The Street 7" is recorded, but is a long way off from a release. I haven't even heard the tracks yet, but as mentioned before, I'm beyond excited to be putting this together as the next Sewercide release. More on that when I get the tracks and the ball starts rolling. Until then, here's photographic proof of Chris laying down the vocal tracks with a Timmies in hand....

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Round Up // Other Junk, who's punk?

          2013 surprisingly marked our busiest year, which isn't really saying much, but it does mean we went from doing a single release every year or two, to TWO of them in one year. We've been trying to focus a bit more on the label this year and hope that in the next few years to come we can continue on this path. It's been a rather great time in Halifax for punk music this year with loads of newish bands all releasing killer records and heading out to play some great shows / fests across north america. Napalm Raid, Life Chain, Abject Pax, Outtacontroller, Word On The Street, Concrete Asylum, Dyscontrol etc. all seem to be busy with no chance of slowing down. My friend Greg dubbed it "The Halifax Domination", which I dig. Hopefully it's just the beginning. On that note, Abject Pax are on the road now with Concrete Asylum and should be at about the halfway point of their tour. Be sure to go see them if they're coming through your city.

           As for looking ahead to 2014, there are plans for some new stuff that's in the works but we can't quite spill the beans on yet. A few things that we can mention: Dyscontrol are heading out on tour again in the early months of the springtime and may or may not have a new record to go along with that. The winter has been slow for the band so far with the change out of bass players, but with the new addition of Noel MacDonald (MOON, Long Weekends), they've begun writing some new material which will be recorded sometime in the not too distant future. Also, we're happy to announce that WORD ON THE STREET will be recording some new material for a 7" on Sewercide in the next while. I'm anticipating great things from these guys since they've proved so far that they can do no wrong, recording track after track of Straight Ahead worship that just seems to keep getting better and better. In the meantime, they have a new track on the Winds Of Change 7" comp that should be dropping any day on REACT RECORDS, so do yourself a favor and pick one up.

         As for year end top 10s, not going to happen. Instead, here are a few of my favorite things that came out this year. Thanks for the support...-DB

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

ABJECT PAX East Coast Winter Tour

     Thanks to everyone so far who has ordered a copy of the Abject Pax record and those who continue to order other things from us. We still have a few copies left for sale, but the pressing is starting to dwindle. Luckily, if you're too stubborn to pay a few bucks for shipping, Abject Pax is hitting the road soon to play some selected dates on the east coast of Canada / US and will have copies of the record with them. They will be playing all shows with the devastating hardcore assault known as Concrete Asylum who have also just released a killer record on Bad Vibrations records out of Toronto. Do yourself a favor, check out these bands and buy some stuff from them on tour! Venues and other info has yet to be confirmed, so keep checking back as we will update this when we get more info...

ABJECT PAX / CONCRETE ASYLUM 2013/2014 East Coast Canada/US Tour Dates

28 boston
29 nyc
30 day off
31 pittsburgh
January 1st detroit

2 toronto
3 ottawa
4 montreal

      Also, (not to leave out Halifax) the band will be doing a local record release show here on December 21st at Creighton Manor, so if you are in town, be sure not to miss that!

       Year end report and other nonsense to follow. Until next time....- DB

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So after a few months of waiting, we're happy to announce that the Abject Pax ep is DONE and OUT NOW! We're very happy with how this turned out and copies have already started to head out quick. You can order it by following the link to the SHOP above. The debut ep featuring 5 songs of UK influenced anarcho punk. Highly anticipated and vicious stuff that follows up their devastating tape released last year, these tracks aren't too far off from the likes of The System, Icons Of Filth or Part 1. Comes with lyric booklet including the artwork of vocalist Adam Kindred. Featuring current and former members of Contagium and Life Chain. This pressing is limited to 480 copies and as per usual, please get in touch if you'd like to distribute or order copies wholesale. Abject Pax are headed up to play NOT DEAD YET fest this weekend in Toronto and will have copies with them there. Be sure to go see them as well as some of the other killer Halifax bands playing like Napalm Raid, Life Chain and Concrete Asylum!

For those who are wondering who won the test press, it was actually Robert Smith of Florida, (not from the Cure), so you can expect that showing up with your record this week sometime. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered this time around and we'll be hoping to do something similar in the near future for the next release!

I should also note that we have some great distro stuff that has been randomly being posted in the shop, most of which is being ordered in limited numbers. New singles and eps from Radioactivity, the #1s, DIE, Life Chain, DIAT, Harper SS and more. Pick up a few extras and get more bang for your buck on shipping costs.

Finally, thanks to the people who have been helping out the past month or two with the Abject Pax ep. Without the help of Abject Pax, Whitney Moran, Gord Dufresne, Jeff Fedge, Brett Wagg, Sarah Hecimovich and everyone who pre-ordered, this project would have been destined to crash and burn.

Thanks for the support,